Smarter Prepaid Wireless Payment Solutions

Helping prepaid wireless carriers reduce churn and manage payments.

Speed-to-market is important. You need solutions as fast as you are.

T-CETRA builds software to solve your biggest challenges in logistics, inventory management, and all things prepaid - wireless, gift cards, you name it. Some of our products are equipped to help you right out of the box. However, if you're looking for a custom solution, we'll work with you to build the tools that fit your needs.

Get clear about wireless payments and incentives.
Prepaid Activation & Refill
Whether it's phones, gift cards, or utilities, we have the tools to help you easily activate a prepaid account. Ongoing, your customers can refill their prepaid balance using our software.
Incentive Management
Nothing drives loyalty like incentive plans. You might be looking to offer customers a rewards plan or perhaps your sales reps need a comprehensive commission structure. Either way, we've got you covered.
Inventory Management
One of the easiest ways to lose money is to lose track of inventory. Inventory can be physical, like cell phones, or it can be digital, like prepaid PIN codes. In both cases, T-CETRA's software will tell you where that inventory is going.
Database Performance
Staying ahead of competition often comes down to being the fastest. But being fast isn't easy if you're a large wireless carrier or utility provider. T-CETRA's software helps you run faster and leaner than your competitors.
Application Software Development
 Software and systems built for you. Every company, every project, every tool, is different. Get custom tools to solve your unique business challenges, no matter what industry you're in.
Payment Processing
When it comes time to securely and accurately collect and send credit card payments, ACH credit/debits, and sales commissions, our software will process your transactions, and you'll get tools to monitor and report on these transactions.
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The Leading Software Solution for Independent Wireless Stores.

What Our Partners Are Saying
We’ve been working with T-CETRA for over a year and they’ve really helped us grow our business… We’re really happy with their service, support, and their system. —Joey Tominna, Presdient, Rush Star Wireless rush-star-wireless.png
To me, there's only one TSP, and that's T-CETRA. They have always provided us with World Class Customer Service while offering multiple products at the absolute best discounts. If T-CETRA is not already your TSP, I certainly recommend giving them a try. —Billy Nash, President, Rhino USA rhino.png
Sell and manage handset inventory with forward- and reverse-logistics solutions.
Airtime & Incentives
Develop custom incentive programs to drive growth and reduce churn.
Get clear reporting on incentive and rebate payouts.

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