T-CETRA pioneered the support of wireless carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MNVO) that were attempting to penetrate the U.S. prepaid wireless market.

T-CETRA has normalized the relationship between the enterprise wireless carrier and the neighborhood prepaid wireless store, reaching niche markets that were previously deemed by carriers and MVNO’s as too difficult to reach. Our solutions tap into the last frontier for wireless business potential. T-CETRA has helped industry giants, such as Verizon and TracFone, open a channel that was previously difficult (if not impossible) to enter by standardizing a more convenient transactional framework.

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What really differentiates T-CETRA from other TSP’s is our deep understanding of what drives sales and our ability to deploy products and services quickly and efficiently. We can apply the right combination of leading technology solutions and savvy marketing tactics to not only process payments but to grow partners’ businesses.

Additionally, T-CETRA excels in helping partners increase sales through its proprietary promotion and incentivized commission engine. This end-to-end module evaluates the wireless sales process holistically and in real-time.

T-CETRA helps carriers and MVNO’s gain the needed visibility and control to the products and services for the right customer at the right time.