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T-CETRA Business Solutions (TBS) connects enterprise customers to underserved end-users, enhancing their quality of life. Our bundled wireless devices and services enable customers to efficiently serve the populations most in need in the Healthcare, Government & Education and Nonprofit verticals. We offer flexible activation terms at affordable price points with the ability to buy in bulk and activate devices on an as-needed basis.

TBS supports clients who have a need for wholesale wireless devices bundled with prepaid service (three months of service up to 12 months), device accessories, or additional prepaid service pins to top-up existing prepaid lines.

TBS success stories include tech procurement for mobile devices, tablets, and hotspots at scale for medical facilities, correctional parole programs, suicide prevention centers, homeless shelters, behavioral health centers and more on a national, regional, and local level.


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Our robust infrastructure supports advanced solutions for T-CETRA Business Solutions and VIDAPAY Marketplace through streamlined device procurement and in-house kitting capabilities.

T-CETRA Logistics allows for a better flow of inventory for enterprise and retail customers through our deeply integrated fulfillment process, dedicated warehouse facility, and team.