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T-CETRA Sweet Spot

T-CETRA has a unique position within the payment solution landscape, as we operate under a B2B2C model. Our secure cloud-based proprietary solution, VIDAPAY, connects strategic service providers to the un/derbanked via our network of 10,000+ independent retailers in underserved communities. This, coupled with our partnerships with billion-dollar service providers, is the secret sauce we use to make services and products available to the underbanked.


According to a 2017 FDIC survey, there are 84.8 million un/underbanked individuals in the United States. To put this staggering number into perspective, the segment of the U.S. population that either does not have a bank account or obtained financial products or services outside of the traditional banking system is roughly equal to the population of Canada and Spain combined. Furthermore, an individual who holds a bank account can still be underserved and live on the economic margins—slowly, or suddenly, slipping into the digital divide.

Interest and Fees

Essentially, we have become a society comprised of digital and financial “haves” and “have nots.” The digital “have nots” encounter barriers multiple times, every day, to products and services the majority of Americans take for granted. Whether it’s using contactless public transportation to arrive at work on-time, accessing telehealth services, learning remotely during a pandemic, or simply streaming a movie to relax, the un/derbanked are the digitally underserved.

It is extremely difficult to stay afloat, much less get ahead, when faced with simply not enough options. Until now. T-CETRA aims to help the underserved become more financially savvy and to level the digital playing field.


T-CETRA converts cash payments into secure, cashless transactions for 10,000 retail locations that primarily serve underserved customers. These dedicated retailers have solidified their reputation as fixtures in their local communities based on trust and reliability.

T-CETRA’s VIDAPAY solution ensures an intuitive, secure, convenient, and robust B2B experience for these small retailers. VIDAPAY gives T-CETRA’s retail partners a comprehensive, complete tool that helps them effectively better serve their customers as well as increase revenue.


This cash to cashless payment transaction is an assisted sale operational model reliant on the bond that is typically formed when the customer patronizes a small, independently owned, neighborhood retailer.

Big Box retailers do not employ this assisted sale operational model. Despite multiple locations, big box retailers operate as one business. While each individual, independent retail location uses a different operational model, process, and, at times, even language, T-CETRA has essentially unified 10,000+ points of sale.


Through partnerships with T-CETRA, strategic service providers, such as Verizon, TracFone, Amazon, Google and other Fortune 500 companies, can deploy their products and services quickly to millions of cash-preferred customers. These partnerships immediately and efficiently open a fully secure channel to penetrate this underserved market.